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Information You Can Trust

When looking up online information it is important to look for credible sites, where you can find reliable information. I have made your life easier here and have in- cooperated a list of some of my favorite reliable sites.

Dog with a toy

Best Online and Local Pet Shops

My all time favorite pet shop is Pets+ 3 in Campbellton. The service is always great and the quality of items is amazing. If you can't find what you are looking for in store they can usually order it.

For online shopping my go to is hands down Thunders treasures!!! They have an amazing selection of enrichment items.

Another favorite of mine is Woof Couture

Playful dog among torn pieces of a pillow on the floor, top view. Funny staffordshire terr

Pet Behavior Tips

When it comes to behaviour the number one thing you should evaluate is wither your dog is getting too little or too much exercise. Not enough exercise can cause unwanted behaviours to arise because your dog has too much energy and no release for that energy. Too much exercise can cause your dog to go over and then become anxious and unable to settle. A balance is key.

Various types of enrichment help keep your pup in tune with the environment and help your pup to gain confidence while exploring the world.

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